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How to Install Vanavil Font in Android Phone?

1. Instal ex file explorer.
2. After installing es explorer go to setting in es explorer and find display option then tick show hidden files option.
3.close the ex explorer.
4. Make sure that you already saved the vanavil font in SD card or download its only takes 100 KB.

5.then open ex file explorer
 and navigate to vanavil font and long Press and copy that file.

6. Then go to internal storage or SD card ( most of us install our apps in SD card other just install apps default in internal storage) find android folder then open data folder

7. In data folder all installed apps folders will be there find wps office folder.

8. There u can find .cache folder opening that folder u can find wps office open that u can see fonts folder  open and paste your fonts.

9.that's all, then restart and u can view any fonts in wps office.

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