Blogging Tips 2017

13.12.2017 Video conferencing SPD's Instructions

1. I std data entry must be speeded up

2. Aadhaar_Id seeding is compulsory for all children.

3. Within two or three days  District User will have the opportunity to take out the children's profile from schools where they actually got struck due to reasons irrelevant to EMIS process and functioning.

4. By today evening onwards PDF of class wise data will be with Aadhaar_Id.

5.Mobile Application will be available in Play store from 15.12.2017.

6. Number of districts accessing the server at a time is split into two.  Hence server's speed is expected to be better. For Mobile APP no timing schedule.

8. Cosistently follow the pending schools and finish data entry.

9. There was an appreciation from SPD for those already nearing the target.

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