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2வருட பிஎட் பாடங்கள் விவரம் இதோ 4 செமஸ்டர் முறை

Course Structure for the NCTE Two-Year B.Ed. Programme Semester Wise Distribution of the
Courses Semester 1
Course 1 Childhood and Growing Up 100 marks
Course 2 Contemporary India and Education 100 marks
Course 4 Language across the Curriculum (1/2)50 marks
Course 5 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects-(1/2) 50 marks

Course EPC1Reading and Reflecting on Texts (1/2)50 marks
Engagement with the Field: Tasks and Assignments for
Courses 1,2,4 &52-Year B.Ed Curriculum
Semester 2
Course 3 Learning and Teaching100 marks
Course 7a Pedagogy of a School Subject –Part I (1/2)50 marks
Course 8a Knowledge and Curriculum –Part I (1/2)50 marks
Course 9 Assessment for Learning 100 marks
Course EPC2 Drama and Art in Education (1/2)50 marks
Engagement with the Field: Tasks and Assignments for Courses 3, 7a, 8a &9
Semester 3
Course 7bPedagogy of a School Subject –Part II (1/2)50 marks
School Internship 250 marks
Semester 4
Course 6 Gender, School and Society (1/2)50 marks
Course 8b Knowledge and Curriculum –Part II (1/2)50 marks
Course 10 Creating an Inclusive School (1/2)50 marks
Course 11 Optional Course* (1/2)50 marks
Course EPC3 Critical Understanding of ICT (1/2)50 marks
Course EPC4 Understanding the Self (1/2) 50 marks
Engagement with the Field: Tasks and Assignments for Courses 6, 8b, 10 & 11

a). 1/2 indicates a half paper which is allocated both half the time of effective hours per week and also half the marks assigned to a full paper.
b).* Optional Courses can be from among the following – Vocational/Work Education, Health and Physical Education, Peace Education, Guidance and Counseling, etc. and can also be an Additional Pedagogy Course**(for a school subject other than that chosen for Course 7 (a&b) at the secondary level, or the same school subject at the higher secondary level).
**Teacher education institutes/university departments can make arrangements to offer an additional pedagogy course for
(i) a second school subject at the secondary level for interested student-teachers who have undertaken
adequate number of courses in that subject during their graduation or
(ii) the same school subject as in Course 7 but at the higher secondary level for student-teachers with
a post-graduate degree in that subject.

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