Blogging Tips 2017

BRC Training list of 2015-16 Name of the Training

🌻Strengthening Reading Writing skills in Tamil-2 days
🌻Maths usage of SLM kit box and solving Mental Maths- 3 days
🌻Physical Education Activities linked with CCE -1day
🌻Discussion on children's achievement- 2 days (Both primary and Upper prinary)
🌻Remedial Activities for late bloomers danguages & Maths)-1day
🌻Everyday science and simple Projects on CCE- 1day

🌻Rich ment Training on CCE in SABL
🌻Teaching of science through ALM (Experimental & Projects) -3 days
🌻Teaching of Maths through ALM- 3 days
🌻workshop on enriching reading and writing sals in Tamil-1 day
🌻understanding History and map drawing skills- 1day
🌻Enrichment Traning on ALM and Applying CCE in in ALM- 1 day
🌻Remedial Activities for late bloomers dangu & Math -1day
🌻Preparation for competitive and Talent search examination -1day
🌻school sanitation -1 day (Both Primary and Upper primary

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