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Pedagogy method will implement to all primary schools from 2018-19 academic year.

  • Some important points alternative (Pedagogy) methodology:
  • Tamil Nadu Govt will implement alternative method instead of ABL. This method is calling Pedagogy.
  • (Kuzhandai Neya Katral).
  • This method will implement 2 schools in each block level as a trial from January 2018.
  • Pedagogy method will implement to all primary schools from 2018-19 academic year.
  • 1 to 3 std mingle (for Asst tr)
  • 4 and 5 std mingle (for HM)
  • Alternative method will introduce. 
  • Name Pedagogy.
  • ABL cards not implement.
  • Text book, students work book and Teacher Guide will issue.
  • Low level black board,  kambi pandal, self attendance, Grouping, health chakra and whether chart will continue.
  • Each period 90 minutes only.
  • Daily 3 subjects will teach.
  • Period 1  
  • 9.30 to 11 am
  • Period 2
  • 11.10 to 12.40
  • Period 3
  • 2.00 pm to 3.30
  • Extra curricular and co curricular activities:
  • 1.30 to 2.00 pm &3.40 to 4.10 pm.
  • Six groups reduced.  Only 4 groups.
  • QR code has in the text book. 
  • Teacher scan the QR code, then video lesson will play in the mobile or tablet.
  • Many activities in the text book.
  • Teacher can teach each class separately.
  • But should give activity or written work to other class students.
  • More activity for bright students and minimum activity for slow learners in the text book and work book.
  • Students materials should display on the kambi pandal.
  • 15 periods to a week.
  • All periods and subjects same to all classes in the school. Time table will design by Education Department.
  • In future student will evaluate through online with the help of tablet.
  • 4 std No ABL.
  • 4 and 5 std SALM methodology will implement.
  • Cards maybe use as  TLM.

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