Blogging Tips 2017

ஆண்டு முழுவதும் எந்த நாளுக்கு என்ன விஷேஷம் அறிவோம்

*Jan 1-Global Family Day.
*Jan 12-Youth's Day.
*Jan 15-Army Day.
Jan 23-Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
*Jan 26-Republic Day.
*Jan 26-International Customs Day.
*Jan 28-Birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai.
*Jan 28-Data Protection Day.

*Jan 30-Martyr Day.
*Jan 30-World Leprosy Eradication Day.
*Feb 4-World Cancer Day.
*Feb 5-Kashmir Day.
*Feb 6-International Day against Female Genital Mutilation.
*Feb 12-Darwin Day.
*Feb 12-World Day of the Sick.
*Feb 14-Valentine’s Day.
*Feb 20-World Day of Social Justice.
*Feb 21-International Mother Language Day.
*Feb 22-World Scout Day.
*Feb 23- World Peaces and Understanding Day.
*Mar 4-World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation.
*Mar 8-International Womens' Day.
*Mar 13-World Kidney Day.
*Mar 13-World Rotaract Day.
*Mar 15-World Consumer Rights Day.
*Mar 20-International Day of the Francophonie.
*Mar 20-World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People.
*Mar 21-World Sleep Day.
*Mar 21-World Forestry Day.
*Mar 21-International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
*Mar 22-World Water Day.
*Mar 23-World Meteorological Day.
*Mar 24-World TB Day.
*Mar 24-International Day for Achievers.
*Mar 25-International Day of Remembrance - Victims of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Trade.
*Mar 27-World Drama Day.
*Apr 1-Foolish's Day.
*Apr 2-World Austism Awareness Day.
*Apr 7-World Health Day.
*April 17-World Haemophilia Day.
*April 18-World Heritage Day.
*April 22-Earth Day.
*April 23-World Book and Copyright Day.
*April 25-World Malaria Day.
*April 29-International Dance Day.
*May 1-International Labour Day.
*May 3-Press Freedom Day.
*May 4-Coal Miners Day.
*May 8-World Red Cross Day.
*May 9-Victory Day.
*May 11-National Technology Day.
*May 12-International Nurses Day.
*May 14-World Migratory Day.
*May 15-International Day of the Family.
*May 17-World Information Society Day.
*May 21-Anti-Terrorism Day.
*May 31-World No Tobacco Day.
*Jun 4-International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
*Jun 5-World Environment Day.
*Jun 7-International Level Crossing Awareness Day.
*Jun 8-World Oceans Day.
*Jun 12-World Day against Child Labour.
*Jun14-World Blood Donor Day.
*Jun 17-World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.
*Jun 20-World Refugee Day.
*Jun 23-United Nations Public Service Day.
*Jun 23-International Widow's Day.
*Jun 26-International Day against Drug Abuse and IIlicit Trafficking.
*Jun 27-International Diabetes Day.
*Jul 1-Vanamahotsav Day.
*Jul 1-National Doctor's Day.
*Jul 11-World Population Day.
*Jul 12-Malala Day.
*Jul 18-Nelson Mandela International Day.
*July 28-World Nature Conservation Day.
*Jul 30-International Day of Friendship.
*Aug 3-Independence Day of Niger.
*Aug 5-Independence Day of Upper Volta.
*Aug 9-International Day of the World's Indigenous People.
*Aug 12-International Youth Day.
*Aug 15-Independence Day(India).
*Aug 23-International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.
*Aug 29-National Sports Day (Birthday of Dhyan Chand).
*Sept 5-Teachers' Day
(Dr. Radhakrishnan's Birth Day).
*Sept 7-Forgiveness Day.
*Sept 8-International Literacy Day.
*Sept 14-Hindi Day.
*Sept 14-World First Aid Day.
-Sept 16-World Ozone Day.
*Sept 21-International Day of Peace.
*Sept 21-World Alzheimer's Day.
*Sept25-Social Justice Day.
*Sept 27-World Tourism Day.
*Oct 1-International Day of Older Persons.
*Oct 2-Birth Anniversary Of Gandhiji.
*Oct 2-International Day of Non-Violence.
*Oct 3-World Nature Day.
*Oct 3-World Habitat Day.
*Oct 4-World Animal Day.
*Oct 5-World Teacher's Day.
*Oct 8-Indian Air-force Day.
*Oct 9-World Post Day.
*Oct 11-International Girl Child Day.
*Oct 12-World Arthritis Da.
*Oct 14-World Standards Day.
*Oct 15-World Students Day.
*Oct 16-World Food Day.
*Oct 17-International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
*Oct 20-World Statistics Day.
*Oct 24-United Nations Day.
*Oct 31-World Thrift Day.
*Nov 1-Kannada Rajyotsav (Karnataka)
*Nov 1-World Vegan Day.
*Nov 5-World Radiography Day.
*Nov 9-World Services Day.
*Nov 14 -Children's Day.
(Birth Anniversary of Jawahar Lal Nehru).
*Nov 16-International Day for Endurance.
*Nov 17-International Students Day.
*Nov 17-National Journalism Day.
*Nov 18-World Adult Day.
*Nov 19-World Citizen Day.
*Nov 20-Universal Children's Day.
*Nov 21-World Television Day.
*Nov 21-World Fisheries Day.
*Nov 25-World Non-Veg Day.
*Nov 26-Law Day.
*Nov 30-Flag Day.
*Dec 1-World AIDS Day.
*Dec 2-World Computer Literacy Day.
*Dec 2-International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.
*Dec 3-International Day of People with Disability.
*Dec 3-World Conservation Day.
*Dec 4-Navy Day.
*Dec 5-International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.
*Dec 7-International Civil Aviation Day.
*Dec 9-The International Day Against Corruption.
*Dec 10-International Day of Broadcasting.
*Dec 10-Human Rights Day.
*Dec 11-International Mountain Day.
*Dec 14-World Energy Day.
*Dec 18-International Migrants Day.
*Dec 19-Goa's Liberation Day.
*Dec 20-International Human Solidarity Day.
*Dec 29-International Biodiversity Day.

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