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கல்வி சார்ந்த குறியீடுகளுக்கு விரிவாக்கம்!!!


ABL   : Activity Based Learning
ADEPTS  : Advancement of Education performance through teachers support
ALM   : Active Learning Methodology
APO   : Assistant Programme
AEEO   : Assistant Elementary Educational Officer
AAEEO  : Additional Assistant Elementary Educational Officer
AIE   : Alternative & Innovative Education
AR   : Attendance Rate
AWP&B  ( Annual Work Plan & Budget)

BaLA   : Building as Learning Aid
BC   : Backward Class
BC   : Bridge Course
BEC   : Block Education Committee
BRC   ( Block Resource Centre)
BRTE   : Block Resource Teacher Educator

CAL   : Computer Aided Learning
CLP   : Computer Literacy Programme
CR   : Completion Rate
CRC   ( Cluster Resource Centre)
CRTE   : Cluster Resource Teacher Educator
CCW   : Civil Construction Works
CWSN   : Children with special needs

DCF   ( Data Capture Format)
DDRO   : District Disabled Rehabilitation Officer
DEC   : District Education Committee
DEEO   ( District Elementary Educational Officer)
DEP   : Distance Education Programme
DIET   ( District Institute of Education and Training
DISE   ( District Information System for Education)
DLF   ( District Level Format)
DPC   ( District Programme Co-ordinator)
DPEP   ( District Primary Education Programme)
DPO   ( District Project Office)
DR   : Dropout Rate
DRC   ( District Research Council)
DRG   ( District Research Group)
DTERT  ( Directorate of Teacher) Education Research & Training)

ECCE   ( Early Childhood Care and Education)
EFA   ( Education for All)
EER   : Elementary Education Register
EGS   ( Education Guarantee Scheme)
EMIS   ( Education Management Information System)

GER   : Gross Enrolment Rate
Govt.   : Government

HI   : Hearing Impaired
HHS   : Household Survey
HS   : High School
HSS   : Higher Secondary School

ICDS   ( Integrated Child Development Scheme)
IED   ( Integrated / Inclusive Education for the Disabled)

KRP   : Key Resource Person
KGBV   : Kasthuriba Gandhi Balika Vidhyala
KGBVRS  : KGBV Residential Schools

MBC   : Most Backward Class
MCS   : Model Cluster School
MGT   : Management
MIS   ( Management Information System)
MHRD   ( Ministry of Human Resource Development)
MLL   ( Minimum Level of Learning)
MPLAD  ( Member of Parliament Local area Development)
MLACDS  ( Members of Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Scheme)
MR   : Mentally Retarded
MRW   : Maintenance & Repair works
MTA   ( Mother Teacher Association)

NCERT  ( National Council of Education Research & Training)
NER   : Net Enrolment Rate
NGO   : Non Governmental Organisation
NPEGEL  : National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level
NIEPA   ( National Institute of Educational Planning & Administration)
NRBC   : Non Residential Bridge Course
NRSTC  : Non residential special training centre

OSC   : Out of School Children
OH   : Orthopedically Handicapped

PFE   : Primary Formal Education
PMIS   : Project Management and Information System
PTR   : Pupil Teacher Ratio
PWD   : Public Works Department

RBC   : Residential Bridge Course
REM   : Research, Evaluation & Monitoring
RP   : Resource Person
RR   : Repetition Rate
RS/RC   : Residential School / Residential Camp
RSTC   : Residential special training centre

SABL   : Simplified Activity Based Learning
SALM   : Simplified Active Learning Methodology
SAP   : School Adoption Programme
SBT   : School Based Training
SC   : Scheduled Caste
SFG   : Special Focus Group
SG   : School Grant
SIT   : Satellite Interactive Terminal
SMC   : School Management committee
SSA   ( Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
SPD   ( State Project Director
SPO   : State Project Office
ST   : Scheduled Tribe
STC   : Special training centre

TA   : Traveling Allowance
TEC   : Transit Education Centres
TLM   : Teaching Learning Material
TLE   : Teaching Learning Equipment
TR   : Transition Rate
Trg.   : Training

UEE   : Universal Elementary Education
UPE   : Universal Primary Education / Upper Primary Education

VEC   ( Village Education Committee)
VER   : Village Education Register
VI   : Visually Impaired

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